The UAMS Arts Council

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The goals of The UAMS Arts Council are:

  • To enrich the work and learning environment at UAMS by coordinating arts-related activities at UAMS, and by publicizing them to UAMS employees, students and the public.
  • To provide a creative outlet for UAMS employees and students to share their art with others.
  • To enhance the healing environment for patients, their families, visitors, and UAMS employees and students through visual, performing and healing arts.

In fulfillment of the goals stated above, The UAMS Arts Council will coordinate art-related activities at UAMS.  Examples of performing arts activities include the planning and implementation of a concert series (FridayLive@UAMS) and the promotion of other performing arts events.  Examples of visual arts activities include the development of an “art walk” brochure and a database listing the artwork available for viewing at UAMS, the oversight of some temporary and permanent art exhibits, such as those displayed in the Library Art Gallery and the exhibit case near the College of Medicine administrative offices, and also the acquisition of art for various campus locations. The Council also promotes the activities of an existing healing arts program at UAMS.  The Council was responsible for the renovation of the Hospital Lobby Gallery room, which is the venue for FridayLive@UAMS and other concerts.

The UAMS Arts Council includes representatives from Communications & Marketing, the UAMS Foundation Fund Board, the Library Art Gallery Subcommittee, Hospital Administration, the UAMS Volunteer Office, the Winthrop P. Rockefeller Volunteer Office, the UAMS Healing Arts Program, two staff representatives (one from the House of Delegates and one at large), two at large faculty members, two students, and a representative of the Chancellor. Other members may be added as needed to fulfill the goals of the Council.

The UAMS Arts Council Members, 2012-2013
Donna Ashlock
Ernie Bailey (IT)
Max Baker (Exhibit Subcommittee)
Bob Goza (Hospital)
Erin Gray (Volunteer Office), Chair
Janie Lowe (Healing Arts Program)
Douglas Murphy (Dean)
Lana Rahn (Volunteer/Chancellor)
Mary Ryan (Faculty)
Linda Sue Sanders (Institute on Aging)
Stephen Schafer
Nancy Sessoms (Library)
Catherine Tapp (WPRCI Foundation)
Dick Wheeler (Faculty)
Sue Williamson (Development & Alumni Affairs)

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee is composed of the Chair, the Chair-elect, the Secretary, and the Treasurer. It coordinates the activities of the Council between meetings and determines when Council meetings need to be held outside of the regular schedule.

Erin Gray, Chair
Mary Ryan, Secretary
Erin Gray, Treasurer

Performing Arts Committee
This committee is responsible for the coordination of performing arts activities on the campus, such as the FridayLive@UAMS and Ruth Allen concerts, and for the maintenance of a database of performing artists who work, study or volunteer at UAMS.

Ernie Bailey
Erin Gray
Lana Rahn

Visual Arts Committee
This committee coordinates the acquisition and/or cataloging of artwork for the UAMS campus to enhance the environment for patients, families, visitors, healthcare personnel and students. This committee also has an Exhibits Subcommittee, which is responsible for the coordination of exhibits provided in the Library Gallery and the Decorative Arts Gallery near the College of Medicine Administrative Office.

Max Baker
Bob Goza
Erin Gray
Janie Lowe
Lana Rahn, Co-Chair
Mary Ryan
Sue Williamson

Healing Arts Committee
The Healing Arts Committee is responsible for the Healing Arts Program, which enhances the healing environment for UAMS patients, families and visitors through musical, visual, performing and participatory arts.

Erin Gray
Janie Lowe

Public Relations
The Public Relations Committee promotes awareness of the UAMS Arts Council and its programs, performances, and exhibits, including the maintenance of the Council’s website promoting arts-related activities. Promotional activities and contact with media are coordinated with the UAMS Communications & Marketing Department.

Erin Gray, Chair
Valerie Howard