• The Great Northwest: Alaska and British Columbia

    • 09.9.2013

    Mary L. Ryan, M.L.S., M.P.H., Director, UAMS Library September-November, 2013 UAMS Library, Second Floor Gallery After graduating from college and paying off student loans, my twin sister and I began traveling together in a mad dash to see as much of the world as possible.  After seeing 85 countries, we began focusing more on seeing […]

  • The Children of UAMS

    • 07.24.2013

    UAMS Library, Second Floor Gallery July-August, 2013 Elysia Brookelyn A. Moorehead & Eric Bradford A. Moorehead Gemma A. Moorehead, Grants Administrator, UAMS Finance Dept. The World through My Children’s Eyes Growing up seeing poverty all around me made me want to create colorful drawings and paintings to light up everyone’s soul. This fascination of mine […]

  • A Very Brief Synopsis of “The Blues”

    • 04.1.2013

    A Very Brief Synopsis of “The Blues” – Bruce W. Newton, PhD and Johnpaul Jones UAMS Library, Second Floor Gallery April – June, 2013 “The Blues” originated with sharecroppers in the Mississippi delta and was a hybrid of the field hollers and Griot songs sung by West Africans.  W.C. Handy, “The Father of the Blues,” […]

  • Christina Lee Photographs

    • 07.1.2012

    UAMS Library, Second Floor Gallery July – September, 2012 I can remember loving the outdoors from the time I was a small child. My parents took me and my two sisters camping, hiking and fishing throughout our childhood. I grew to have a great appreciation for nature and thus, the majority of my photographs are […]

  • Photographs by Piotr Zimniak

    • 04.1.2012

    April-June, 2012 UAMS Library, Second-Floor Gallery I took my first photograph when I was six years old. Many cameras and even more decades later, I am still doing it. Some claim that a photograph faithfully reflects reality. To me, this is not true. The choice of when and where to take a picture, out of […]

  • Photographs of Africa, Ecuador and Peru

    • 01.1.2012

    January-March, 2012 UAMS Library, Second-Floor Gallery We have wanted to see the world since we were children growing up together as twin sisters in a large family in a small northeast Arkansas town. We traveled very little as children, so we spent our summers at the one-room Lawrence County Public Library reading about other parts […]

  • Landscape and Nature Photographs by Tom Rimmer

    • 11.1.2011

    November – December 2011 Photography has been an interest of mine for a very long time, starting as staff photographer for my junior high school newspaper, but with the advent of digital about ten years ago it has become closer to an obsession. The ease of taking more photos and the power to edit them […]

  • Mike Butner Original Art

    • 06.1.2011

    UAMS Library, Second Floor Gallery June 1-July 31, 2011 Again, thank you UAMS for the honor of premiering additional works from my original art collection in your beautiful gallery in the UAMS Library.  What an honor it is, this 2nd time around,  to display more of my original art work that keeps me going as […]

  • The Photographs of Luke Bennett

    • 05.20.2011

    November 9 – December 31, 2009 UAMS Library, Second Floor Gallery Luke Bennett is a third-year medical student from Harrison, AR. He started taking pictures in 2007 during his senior year at Wheaton College, and has been an active photographer ever since. He enjoys travel and outdoor photography, especially of the Ozarks. Pictures in this exhibit are […]