Lobby Gallery

The Lobby Gallery is a venue for events at UAMS. See our Reservation Form, floor plans (Multipurpose Layout, 190 Chair Layout, 200 Chair Layout), and guidelines. The Gallery is approximately 3,000 square feet and square in shape. It has a carpeted floor, painted walls and an open ceiling 28 feet high. The north wall has full height glass with operable blackout shades.

A portable stage is provided in three modules that are 7 ½ feet square each. These can be assembled in any number and combination. A portable dance floor that can be assembled in different configurations is also available (24 3′ squares).

The space is accessible from the Rogers Lobby through a six feet wide opening with double doors. There is an exterior access door, three feet wide, on the west side of the space.

Ten tables (72” diameter) and 200 chairs are stored and available for use with the space. Other furnishings can be delivered to the space for temporary use.

The maximum allowable seating capacity using tables and chairs is 170, the maximum allowable seating capacity using chairs only is 365. The Gallery may be used for the performing arts  (shows, recitals, and concerts), visual arts (displays, exhibits, and meetings), as well as dinners, conferences, lectures, and as a marketplace.

Hospital Lobby Gallery Guidelines

The Hospital Lobby Gallery must be scheduled in advance thru Hospital Administration by completing the online Hospital Lobby Gallery Room Reservation Form. Department will receive a confirmation email of room request.

Hospital Foyer can also be reserved as needed.  Hospital Lobby Gallery Reservation Form

Department reserving the room is responsible for set-up and clean-up immediately following the event

Department is responsible for contacting Clinical Housekeeping for room set up.  Please indicate to housekeeping which layout option you prefer.  Additional tables/chairs can be ordered through Campus Environmental Services or an outside vendor.  Additional furniture must be removed immediately following the event.  It is the responsibility of the department to ensure the furniture is returned to the storage area in the gallery.

All deliveries must be made thru the side entrance, no deliveries through the front entrance of PRI or Hospital Lobby.

Department reserving the room is responsible for contacting Clinical Housekeeping regarding trash receptacles, trash pick up, etc. Trash must be picked up immediately following the event.

Catering must be delivered thru the side entrance. Electrical outlets are available but no running water.

No AV equipment/projector screen/computer/phone is provided. The department will be responsible for providing AV/computers/phone equipment if needed.

Attendees may park on Parking 1 deck and will be charged a parking fee, unless department validates parking. Department is responsible for coordinating valet parking. Valet parking will need to be scheduled in advance with Valet Solutions who will invoice the department directly. The Department is responsible for contacting the UAMS Parking Office to notify valet parking will be provided.

No items will be tacked or taped to the walls, doors, etc. Easels will be provided by Hospital Administration for any necessary signage. All signs must be 18×24 .

Only Hospital Administration can move/operate the piano if requested for the event. If after hours notify lobby information desk to turn off piano. There is a $50 fee to move/use the piano.

Campus Environmental Services

Clinical Housekeeping

Valet Solutions

UAMS Parking Office