Library Gallery

September 18, 2006; Revised December 2010; June 2013

The Arts of UAMS promotes the talents of UAMS employees, students and other members of the UAMS family for the benefit of campus life. The program was created in 1991 by Dr. Fred Guggenheim, Chair of the Department of Psychiatry at that time, with the support of Dr. Harry Ward, Chancellor at that time. The program is designed to be open to all UAMS connected individuals: students, faculty, staff, and their immediate families, as well as retired faculty.

The Library Gallery is on the second floor of the UAMS Library. The main library entrance is located on the first floor of the Education II building.

Dr. Max Baker

Donna Ashlock , Department of Radiology
Nancy Sessoms, Library

Criteria for Exhibits

The exhibit program is open to all individuals with a UAMS connection: students, faculty, staff, and their immediate families, as well as retired faculty.  At times, persons not connected to UAMS can exhibit when there is an available two-month time slot.  Prospective exhibitors should contact Max Baker to submit an exhibit request.

The main criterion is that the art be of “art gallery” quality.   The art can be photography, painting, three dimensional (if it will fit in a shadow box, for example), etc.  At present, there are no facilities for exhibiting pottery, sculpture, etc.

Exhibit Space

The “gallery” for the art is on the second floor of the UAMS Library in the Education II building.  The exhibit space consists of 3 connected panels (about 9’ high) containing six (3 back to back) lighted alcoves.  Each alcove is seven feet wide, and covered in gray fabric.  The alcoves can hold about forty drawings/photos with 11”x14” frames (about six per panel) or 18 items framed to a size of 17”x20”.  The exhibit has a large  front panel that can display a “signature” eye-catcher piece to be seen from at distance at the top of the panel, with an Arts of UAMS sign beneath.  A similar large back panel can hold several items.

Identification of the artist

An artist’s statement is usually framed and hung above a small podium on the front side of the exhibit, and copies of the statement and a comments book may be placed on the podium.

Hanging the Exhibit

Nancy Sessoms (686-5465, is the contact person for hanging the exhibit. Artists are expected to hang their artwork and to supply picture labels, with the titles of the works and prices if items are for sale.


In-house publicity

The UAMS Library will pay for a poster-sized reproduction of the artist’s statement to be placed on the first floor of the Library, and for the copies of the artist’s statement. Nancy Sessoms is the contact person for producing the poster and copies of the artist’s statement.  The artist’s statement needs to be provided four weeks before the exhibit is to be hung.  An announcement of the exhibit will be distributed to all UAMS employees and students electronically through the weekly “UAMS Announcements,” and information will be provided on the Arts of UAMS website at

Outside of UAMS publicity

All information for external publicity should be given to Nancy Sessoms to be forwarded to be forwarded to Jerri Jackson, UAMS Office of Communications & Marketing.


The artist may plan, fund and host a reception for his or her exhibit on a Friday night from5:00 to 7:00pm. Nancy Sessoms is the contact person for scheduling a reception.


UAMS and the UAMS Library assume no responsibility or liability for damage to, or theft of, the contents of the exhibits.