Library Gallery

  • Photography of Giannavola Now Exhibiting at Arts of UAMS

    • 08.11.2015

    Sam Giannavola August–October, 2015 “I know it’s only rock and roll but I like it……” ……and I also like the blues, jazz and Sinatra.  For the last year or so I have been photographing local musicians in central Arkansas.   These talented, dedicated and creative people have allowed me into their world.  I hope you enjoy […]

  • Jones and Baker Exhibit in Library’s Arts of UAMS April – May, 2015

    • 04.8.2015

    Johnpaul Jones and Max L. Baker will exhibit April – May, 2015 in the UAMS Library Gallery, EDII Building. The exhibit is free and open to the community. Jones and Max’s artist statement reads: John Steinbeck, in his depression era novel, The  Grapes of Wrath, named US Route 66 the “Mother Road.”  Originally commissioned in […]

  • Bingham Exhibits in Library’s Arts of UAMS

    • 01.7.2015

    Marcia Roles Bingham will exhibit January – February, 2015 in the UAMS Library Gallery, EDII Building. The exhibit is free and open to the community. Bingham’s artist statement reads: Painting and creating are like breathing and eating to me—they are essential. I have drawn since my earliest memories. This sketching and drawing, almost every moment, […]

  • Photography of Robert & Richard Williams in the Library Oct-Dec, 2014

    • 09.19.2014

    STATEMENT OF THE PHOTOGRAPHERS These photographs were not intended to represent a single theme. Instead, they seek to illustrate several different themes: The largest group might be called “Modern Graffiti” because all of the photographs explore the idea of converting buildings into art objects, not through their architecture but by painting on the exterior walls. […]

  • A Grander Scale: Evolution of Emergence – Art by Julie Holt

    • 07.18.2014

    Julie Holt “A Grander Scale: Evolution of Emergence” August – September, 2014 UAMS Library Gallery, EDII Building My entire life, I have been obsessed with tiny things. Until recently, this has carried through in the size of art I make. A movement towards a grander scale, yet keeping to the tiny subject matter intrigues me. […]

  • Library Hosts May 9 Artists’ Reception for ACH Exhibit

    • 05.9.2014

    The Arts of the UAMS features the Arkansas Children’s Hospital Artist-in-Residence Program at the UAMS Library, second floor gallery, May-June, 2014. UAMS affiliates, patients and the general public are welcome to an artists’ reception 5:30-7 p.m., Friday, May 9 in the gallery. The Arkansas Children’s Hospital Artist-in-Residence Program, made possible through a grant from the […]

  • The Art of Michael Butner

    • 12.9.2013

    The Art of Michael Butner December, 2013 – February, 2014 2nd Floor Library Gallery Again, thank you UAMS for the honor of premiering additional works from my original art collection in your beautiful gallery in the UAMS Library.  What an honor it is, this 3rd time around, to display more of my original art work […]

  • A Very Brief Synopsis of “The Blues”

    • 04.1.2013

    A Very Brief Synopsis of “The Blues” – Bruce W. Newton, PhD and Johnpaul Jones UAMS Library, Second Floor Gallery April – June, 2013 “The Blues” originated with sharecroppers in the Mississippi delta and was a hybrid of the field hollers and Griot songs sung by West Africans.  W.C. Handy, “The Father of the Blues,” […]

  • Christina Lee Photographs

    • 07.1.2012

    UAMS Library, Second Floor Gallery July – September, 2012 I can remember loving the outdoors from the time I was a small child. My parents took me and my two sisters camping, hiking and fishing throughout our childhood. I grew to have a great appreciation for nature and thus, the majority of my photographs are […]