D. Williams now exhibiting in the Decorative Arts Gallery

 Donnell Williams
Metal Art and Fused Glass Designer
October – December, 2014


I began my career as a metal artist twenty years ago, at the Arkansas Art Center. Although I have studied art in college but nothing gave me that hand on training, like the Arkansas Art Center. The Arkansas Art Center inspired me to connect with the Metal Museum in Memphis, TN for additional training in blacksmith artistry; this was a great inspiration for my career as a Metal Artist and Designer. After pursuing a long career as a metal artist, I wanted to expand my media to incorporate glass.   I have always been inspired with metal, the flexibility it has when heat is applied, which is the same concept that glass has when heat is applied. Curious about glass, I returned to Arkansas Art Center where I learned the art of fusing glass, and now I am one of the Fused Glass Instructors.  The art of metal working and fusing glass gives me inspiration to dig deep into my creative imagination.

Donnell Williams


Photo of artist Donnell Williams and "Lola"

The artist Donnell Williams and “Lola”