J. Perdue now exhibiting in the Decorative Arts Gallery

Julie Perdue
August – September, 2014

I have been an employee with UAMS for 9 Years. I started with AHEC in Pine Bluff in 2005 and transferred to MCPG in 2012. For fun outside of work my husband and I love to work in the shop on crafts, wood work and T-shirt printing.


I started painting in the early 90’s when my three girls were small. I started with wearable arts such as sweatshirts and hair bows. My husband says his love for woodworking came with his first tool set at age five. His handsaw came with a real metal blade and he sawed the legs off of his mother’s couch! We actually combined our talents when our oldest daughter made the Jr. High Stepper dance team. We were trying to find gifts that related to cheer/dance that didn’t look like a cheerleader or ballet dancer. So I started sketching a design and made a dancer. My husband went to work, cut out a wood figure so I could paint it and personalize it with her school colors and her name. Not only did she love it but so did her friends. We started a mass wood design clinic for all the parents. Our business spread by word of mouth. The demand had a need to open up a shop.  We also started making yard signs for the holidays and mascot signs for football season, table and chairs for the children with their favorite sports or design to match their rooms. We make wreaths or door hangers to add that special touch to doors. We have made many door hangers for new babies to welcome their visitors in the hospital and in their nursery. We also paint on glassware, shoes, boots, etc. We love to see children from ages 0-100 light up when they see our work because everything is hand painted. We free hand our paint making no product painted exactly alike and that makes it unique.


I have brought just a few of the different items that we make. Most of them can be personalized by adding names, birthdays, or just funny sayings. I hope you enjoy them. We have a small shop located between Sheridan and White Hall. We specialize in T-shirt printing, wood crafts, shoe & boot painting, uniforms, Christmas ornament painting and any customized designs. We welcome any new ideas you create or find. We will be happy to design it for you. If you would like to place an order you can reach us at the Glitzy Pig (870) 663-4188 or email We also have a Facebook page called Glitzy Pig.  It’s the one with the cute lady pig with the floppy hat!! Like and follow us on Facebook and you will receive notification when new items are added to the page.

The UAMS Arts Council

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