Me, Myself and I: Karen Flick at the Decorative Arts Gallery April-May, 2014

Me, Myself and I: Karen Flick

UAMS Blood Bank

Decorative Arts Gallery
April – May, 2014

I have worked at UAMS since 1994 and am a medical technologist in
the blood bank. I have dabbled in needlework most of my adult life but
really got involved about 8 years ago.

My grandmother was a professional seamstress who could make
anything and I have some of her needlework and other pieces of her
work. I learned from her and from my mother but I have gone far
beyond what they taught me and choose to do very intricate and detailed

Most of my pieces are done on linen as I like the look and I think it
makes the subject matter more realistic. I do quite a bit of general
sewing and make my own scrubs and other crafts. I also do silk ribbon
embroidery – examples of which are included in this exhibit, stumpwork

– a more three-dimensional form of embroidery, and quilling – a paper
craft involving the curling and shaping of strips of paper on a flat surface.
I have an antique doll collection, most of which are well over 100 years
old and I design and make the clothes for them in the style of the 1800’s.
For me, the needlework is relaxing but I don’t want to relax too much as
mistakes are easy to make but not always so easy to fix!

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