Diane Tignor Ceramics

Diane Tignor
COM FGP – MCPG Surgical Specialties

October 1 – October 30

About 15 years ago, my fingers felt the need to shape and mold, so I enrolled in a pottery class at the Arkansas Art Center, bought some clay, and found my passion. Since then, I have continued my pottery education at the Art Center and at UALR.

While I do make some functional pieces, my favorite pieces are my “fantasy” creations – Helen, a snake with a human head and arms who peers into mirrors and openings , gargoyles who grimace and snarl to scare off demons, and fairy faces peeking out of openings. I want the viewer to see my pieces with a child’s eye and question “What is that?” or “What does she see in there?”

I hope you enjoy my work.

If interested in purchasing any of these items, contact Diane Tignor, email: or by cell phone: 501 553-8842.