• The Art of Michael Butner

    • 12.9.2013

    The Art of Michael Butner December, 2013 – February, 2014 2nd Floor Library Gallery Again, thank you UAMS for the honor of premiering additional works from my original art collection in your beautiful gallery in the UAMS Library.  What an honor it is, this 3rd time around, to display more of my original art work […]

  • Steelman and Steelman Decorative Arts Exhibit

    • 12.2.2013

    The artwork of husband and wife team David and Susan Steelman is featured in the Central Building Decorative Arts Gallery. Susan Steelman – What do you get when you cross a medical librarian, a growing crystal collection, the need for a way to de-stress and a professional artist for a husband? You get a budding […]

  • Ruth Allen Concert

    • 11.4.2013

    The traditional fall performance in the Ruth Allen Concert Series will take place at 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, November 26, 2013 in the Hospital Lobby Gallery (which has recently been remodeled). Everyone is invited and admission is free. This year, our performance will be by the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra Brass Quintet: Dick Jorgensen, Trumpet Carl […]

  • Diane Tignor Ceramics

    • 10.3.2013

    Diane Tignor COM FGP – MCPG Surgical Specialties Ceramics October 1 – October 30 About 15 years ago, my fingers felt the need to shape and mold, so I enrolled in a pottery class at the Arkansas Art Center, bought some clay, and found my passion. Since then, I have continued my pottery education at […]

  • A quilt is a cover of love

    • 09.20.2013

    Margaret Bustard has been making quilts for most of her life.  She learned how to make them, literally at her mother’s knee, as a child in Central Illinois. She started by sewing pieces of fabric together for her mother and aunt and then started to arrange these into patterns.  At age 93 quilting is still […]

  • The Great Northwest: Alaska and British Columbia

    • 09.9.2013

    Mary L. Ryan, M.L.S., M.P.H., Director, UAMS Library September-November, 2013 UAMS Library, Second Floor Gallery After graduating from college and paying off student loans, my twin sister and I began traveling together in a mad dash to see as much of the world as possible.  After seeing 85 countries, we began focusing more on seeing […]

  • The Children of UAMS

    • 07.24.2013

    UAMS Library, Second Floor Gallery July-August, 2013 Elysia Brookelyn A. Moorehead & Eric Bradford A. Moorehead Gemma A. Moorehead, Grants Administrator, UAMS Finance Dept. The World through My Children’s Eyes Growing up seeing poverty all around me made me want to create colorful drawings and paintings to light up everyone’s soul. This fascination of mine […]

  • A Very Brief Synopsis of “The Blues”

    • 04.1.2013

    A Very Brief Synopsis of “The Blues” – Bruce W. Newton, PhD and Johnpaul Jones UAMS Library, Second Floor Gallery April – June, 2013 “The Blues” originated with sharecroppers in the Mississippi delta and was a hybrid of the field hollers and Griot songs sung by West Africans.  W.C. Handy, “The Father of the Blues,” […]