Christina Lee Photographs

UAMS Library, Second Floor Gallery
July – September, 2012

I can remember loving the outdoors from the time I was a small child. My parents took me and my two sisters camping, hiking and fishing throughout our childhood. I grew to have a great appreciation for nature and thus, the majority of my photographs are taken in the great outdoors. I find great solace and renewal of spirit in the mountains while hiking as well as on the beaches exploring. Personally, for me, enjoying the simple pleasures in life are the greatest and thankfully, the earth is plentiful in them.

The majority of my photos were taken with my Nikon D70, while others were taken with my point and shoot Canon Power Shot. When I take photographs of subjects, what I see as beautiful may not be what others perceive as beautiful. Photography is like a painting in many aspects in that regard. Art is an expression of one’s self. I believe photography is an art and I truly enjoy making it my own.

I have been fortunate to travel to several countries but I have to say, my lovely home state of Arkansas and the rest of the great United States of America is just as beautiful and scenic as any of the other places I’ve explored and traveled abroad. All of my photographs in this exhibit were taken in the USA with the exception of one that was taken in Mexico.

I hope you enjoy these nature photographs as much as I enjoyed taking them. I leave you with this quote from Edward Wilson: “A happy life is not built up of tours abroad and pleasant holidays, but of little clumps of violets noticed by the roadside, hidden away almost so that only those can see them who have God’s peace and love in their hearts; in one long continuous chain of little joys, little whispers from the spiritual world, and little gleams of sunshine on our daily work”.