Photographs by Piotr Zimniak

April-June, 2012
UAMS Library, Second-Floor Gallery

I took my first photograph when I was six years old. Many cameras and even more decades later, I am still doing it.

Some claim that a photograph faithfully reflects reality. To me, this is not true. The choice of when and where to take a picture, out of a near infinite set of space-time possibilities, reflects the interests, character, but also the momentary state of mind of the photographer.

If transported to the same general location, each of you would select a different point of view, or Cartier- Bresson’s “decisive moment,” to press the shutter release, and would thus end up with a very different image. Therefore, what I am presenting to you is my entirely subjective vision of the world. Moreover, I had to choose for display just a small sampling of my favorite photographs. These multiple layers of subjectivity hold a great appeal to me, perhaps as a counterweight to the strict rules that govern the scientific interpretation of reality.

I hope that my personal and subjective view of the world, or my non-scientific “other life,” will be of interest to you. I would appreciate your thoughts! For more information, please contact me at