Landscape and Nature Photographs by Tom Rimmer

November – December 2011

Photography has been an interest of mine for a very long time, starting as staff photographer for my junior high school newspaper, but with the advent of digital about ten years ago it has become closer to an obsession. The ease of taking more photos and the power to edit them as much as desired has made the quest to create “good” pictures a never-ending one. Of course, that goal is definitely a moving target as I learn more and as the equipment becomes better and better. In the pre-digital era, I used SLR cameras and moved to the same type in digital, now being on my third progression of Canon digital SLRs. It’s hard to imagine the cameras improving much more, but there are certainly better lenses to aspire to, along with the time to pursue those perfect confluences of light, subject, and composition.

The pictures in this exhibition represent my interest in landscapes, birds, wildflowers, and travel photography in general. My wife Martha and I have been fortunate to visit many wonderful places in the US, Canada, and Europe since 1999, and wherever we go we are on the lookout for photo subjects. Bird-watching and nature viewing are that much more enjoyable when combined with the challenge of capturing the essence of what we have seen.

Anyone interested in seeing these and other photos on-line may check out and may contact me at to purchase any of these pictures.

Thomas W. Rimmer is an associate professor in the Department of Environmental and Occupational

Dr. Max Baker, Radiological Sciences, (Retired)  is chair of the Arts of UAMS Committee.