Mike Butner 21st Century Art

November 1 – December 31, 2010

UAMS Library, Second Floor Gallery

Thank you UAMS!!…for the honor of premiering my original 3-D acrylic art panels in your beautiful, gallery lighted, showcase picture gallery. What an honor! for an 85 year old senior citizen. I started this (64 to date) panel collection at the age of 80. At the age of 75 in ca 2000, I received a quad-heart-by-pass operation, six months later a defib-pacemaker was installed. I have had 10 wonderful years extension to my life. My art work kept me going. So many attentive doctors, medical personnel and Medicare were involved. My art is an expression of thanks! . . . to the medical profession, and so many others that made the last 10 years of my life possible, giving me the time to build this one of a kind 3-D & oil paintings collection.

UAMS has played a vital, extended roll, in the lives of me and my family’s quality of life, over many years. UAMS’s Reynolds Center for Aging is where we have enjoyed exercising and therapy. I am now enrolled at UAMS’s DBC Spinal Care Center. The tedious work on my 3-D art panels requires me to bend my neck and spine in order to drill and paint these panels. The specialized therapy and exercise that I am receiving each week, has relieved a tremendous amount of pain and stress on my spinal column. My quality of life is directly linked to the UAMS Centers. I know, from my life saving experiences that you young, Arkansas doctors to be, at UAMS, will help senior citizens like me obtain a meaningful quality of life.

I have never had an art lesson in my life. Art has always fascinated me. Wherever my world travels took me, I always saved time, in my itinerary, to visit the great art museums of the cities I visited. Through these visits, over the years, I acquired insight of art expressions, color and dimensions, all of these factors I tried to express in my new 21st century acrylic 3-D art.

I produce these 3-D art panels by designing an original pattern on the back side of a crystal clear acrylic 3/8” to ½” thick panel Most of my panels are recycled crystal clear acrylic scrap, left over from large industrial sheets, and cut to my specified size panels. My friends at Cope Plastic of Maumelle, AR have happily furnished me these panels at no cost, saving me thousands of dollars. The Cope Plastic people have given me great encouragement over the years in development of this 3-D art collection. The first step in producing these panels is to draw and original design pattern on the back side of an acrylic panel. The second step is to drill, in 3-D, from the patterns into the back side of the panel. The third step is to paint or metal leaf this back side, in reverse order. When looking at the panel from the
front side of the crystal clear panel, you see the 3-D effect in the most vivid colors, and depth, that will not fade of deteriorate in beauty, over time. The back side of the panel is then sealed with heavy coats of acrylic lacquer. The vivid coloring will not fade or discolor over time, which is the fat of surface painting.

I am determined to find a ‘home’ for my 3-D acrylic panel collection that will make the collection available, for future generations of public viewing. My first smaller collection of 3-D acrylic panels sold,  in 2004, at the Oval Gallery in Little Rock in one month. I saw them disappear into private collections, most likely never to be seen again by the public. I determined that this collection will be saved, in total, for public viewing long after I am gone. My hope is that this unique 3-D acrylic art collection will inspire older seniors that you are never too old to be productive and enjoy life to its fullest.

Please visit my website also, send me an email I
would very much like to hear what you think of my new 3-D art.