Photographs of Richard and Bob Williams

May – June 2010

UAMS Library, Second Floor Gallery

My seldom-realized goal is for each of my photographs to tell a story or to express an emotion in the same way that any other work of art does.

Whether the photograph happens to be beautiful is not particularly important to me. As we all know, beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.

For me, photography is challenging in that much time and effort is required on my part to try to go beyond the obvious picture that presents itself at first glance.

At first I thought that better equipment would result in my taking better photographs. It was disappointing when that turned out not to be true. In fact, although the use of multiple lenses and an SLR created a few more photographic opportunities, they caused me to miss many shots while fumbling with the camera and the lenses.

I freely admit, however, to using Photoshop Elements to make a photograph look like what I remember seeing. On very rare occasions I like to create an abstract image if that is necessary to achieve the story or the emotion for which I am looking.

I am a retired lawyer with the firm of Mitchell, Williams in Little Rock, and a member of the UAMS Foundation Fund Board of Directors. I took the unframed images. My son, Bob Williams, a stock broker with Delta Securities in Little Rock, did the framed pictures.

– Dick Williams