Photography of Bob Burns and Paul Caldwell

Summer 2009

UAMS Library, Second Floor Gallery

Bob Burns has been a faculty member in the College of Medicine, Department of Anatomy (now Neurobiology & Developmental Sciences) since 1968. He also is the founding and current director of the UAMS Partners in Health Sciences (PIHS) program which began in 1991. PIHS provides professional development training to PreK-12 teachers statewide, with teachers participating from 100% of the state’s counties. Bob considers himself a slightly advanced amateur photographer and spends a lot of time in the outdoors shooting landscapes and wildlife. For more information call 686-5139 or

Paul Caldwell has been a professional photographer for 10 years and an amateur photographer for over 30 years. His work is focused on Arkansas’ Nature and Scenic wonders and he has traveled the state looking for subject matter. His specialty is water, especially waterfalls. He excels at panoramic scenes shooting them in 3-4 segments and then stitching them together using Photoshop to create the final image. He does his own printing, and prints for Bob Burns too. His prints have a light fastness of over 100 years because of the special techniques and care he takes with each print. Paul has a strong connector to UAMS because hid dad, Fred Caldwell, M.D., was a Professor in the Department of Surgery for 35 years. His mother, Betty Caldwell, Ph.D., is an internationally recognized authority in early childhood education.

Learn more about Paul and his photography at and Read some of his technical articles at He can be reached at 501-240-1477.

We hope you enjoy our photographic efforts!